Borrowing from the title of John N. Hubbard's "Sketches of Border Adventures in the Life and Times of Major Moses VanCampen," the following "sketches" or short stories help chronicle the "life and times" of Moses Van Campen. The sources are far and wide; reflecting the varied places, communities and people to which Moses contributed throughout his long life.

“His Christianity was pure,
his views of religion sound
and scriptural, and his fidelity
and integrity of character
were like his own well aimed rifle,
true to the mark.”


– Rev. Thomas Aitken

Obituary of Moses Van Campen

"I was nurtured in the school of the rifle and the tomahawk."


- Moses Van Campen

“The notes of war are hushed,
The rage of battle o’er,
The warrior is at rest,
He hears our praise no more.
The soldier nobly fought
For all we dearly love,
He fought to gain a heavenly crown,
And now he reigns above.”


- Rev. Thomas Aitken
Inscription, Moses Van Campen's Headstone