Celebrating the life and legacy of one of America's

bravest border men, valiant veterans of the Revolution, and distinguished pioneers.

Launched in 2009, 200 hundred years after completing his home in Angelica, NY, MosesVanCampen.com was created "In Tribute" to Moses Van Campen (1757-1849). May it serve as an anthology of the countless artifacts written, published and preserved which help tell the life story and legacy of this truly remarkable man. May it inspire others to contribute to family, community and country; mirroring, even in some small way, the tremendous donations to the same by Moses Van Campen.

In honor and recognition of Moses Van Campen, it is a distinct pleasure to bring you "Moses Van Campen ... In Tribute."

“His Christianity was pure,
his views of religion sound
and scriptural, and his fidelity
and integrity of character
were like his own well aimed rifle,
true to the mark.”


– Rev. Thomas Aitken

Obituary of Moses Van Campen

"I was nurtured in the school of the rifle and the tomahawk."


- Moses Van Campen

“The notes of war are hushed,
The rage of battle o’er,
The warrior is at rest,
He hears our praise no more.
The soldier nobly fought
For all we dearly love,
He fought to gain a heavenly crown,
And now he reigns above.”


- Rev. Thomas Aitken
Inscription, Moses Van Campen's tombstone